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Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Ceramic Blue 520.CM.7170.CM
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Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT: The Charm of the Fourth Time How can one of the most well-known and respected car manufacturers successfully find a good partnership to successfully manufacture high-end swiss fake watches?

Ferrari began to establish a partnership with Cartier. However, these watches were never co-branded, and given that era, I doubt that Cartier made them because the brand lacked manufacturing capabilities at the time.

Close behind is Girard-Perregaux (Girard-Perregaux), his fashionable watches are very suitable for some of Ferrari's classic cars. But the automaker found it much more difficult to link to the brand’s production model at the time.

Panerai took over, but the situation did not improve. Although the blood of the brand is of Italian origin, it is obviously a different blood type, because the slightly modified case design and the Ferrari logo thrown here are not of much use to watch connoisseurs or Ferrari owners.

Then Hublot rushed to the scene and started a passionate love. Ferrari has found a haute watch competition!

Ferrari and Hublot: not obvious, but similar "DNA"
For example, unlike Porsche, Ferrari is not an evolutionary brand, but a revolution. It likes to move forward with the enthusiasm of the Italians, to innovate and revolutionize to make its cars faster and more flexible.Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale 168566-3007

Even with the introduction of a new generation of existing models, the differences between these models are often greater.

The same is true for Hublot. The brand has become a pioneer in many different fields and has innovated with many different materials, so that other brands have difficulty keeping up.

Have you noticed the sudden cessation of efforts to manufacture watches with sapphire crystal cases? I think this is because Hublot has cracked the technology to continuously produce them. For the sapphire crystal case, it is not very difficult to make one or two, but to make them in series.

Hublot did not stop there, and then made them into various colors (blue, yellow, red), and even lowered the price of these wonders wrapped in sapphire crystal.Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Titanium 526.NX.0124.VR

This is usually Hublot, and the motivation for innovation is the foundation of its existence. I think this is why the cooperation with Ferrari is so good.

New Hublot Ferrari models
The thirst for innovation also means the regular launch of new models, which is the latest result of the Hublot-Ferrari cooperation: Classic Fusion Ferrari GT.

To compare this model with Ferrari's road cars, I thought of Portofino and GTC4Lusso. The extreme degree is a little bit less and relaxed, but there is still a lot of passion to prove.

The shape of these Classic Fusion chronographs is more natural, I dare say more sober than the Ferrari brand models so far.

Hublot has launched three different versions of the watch, all equipped with the brand's Unico-made HUB1280 movement, and equipped with a rubber-lined Schedoni leather strap.

The latter is also the main contribution of Centro Stile Ferrari, the design studio of the Prancing Horse.fake watches

Although the watch does offer the Ferrari Prancing Horse logo on the dial, it remains in a monochrome background, almost fused with the silver bridge behind the titanium and 3D carbon fiber versions, although it is more prominent in the King Gold version (see Photo above).

Just like the Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph (seen in "Kiss the Drummer and Watch Collector Eric Singer's Baselworld 2017 Top 10"), this is Ferrari’s first ever bicycle. Designed watch, Classic Fusion Ferrari GT movement and dial are placed in a container for a frame.

This is one of the many details that make this watch from just a watch/car market collaboration to an exquisite and interesting timepiece creation. The dial has a deep depth, and the correct dial design can replicate Ferrari’s tachometer, which is a subtle nod to the car, but not a fancy trick.

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT: Everything about materials
Hublot offers three versions of the classic fusion Ferrari GT. The main difference lies in the case material and corresponding details.

The titanium version is probably the least exciting of the three because it provides an almost understated appearance. Some red details can brighten the design, but not too much. Especially this version shows how balanced the design of this watch is.audemars piguet royal oak offshore diver

Although it is black, materials made of 3D Carbon, a polymer matrix composite containing three-dimensional fibers, have attracted more attention. This is one of those materials that Hublot likes to play with: by layering the carbon fiber in a unique way, not only did Hublot’s technicians create a very lightweight, durable shell, but they also received a monochromatic stripe as a reward -And check the material, when it is made into a watch, it will work wonders.

Here, we can also see the brand's pursuit of detail again: the unfolding clasp is equipped with a black ceramic cover, which is covered with the Hublot name-the 3D Carbon version is red.

Even traditional materials, such as gold, can attract Hublot’s attention: it is naturally not used as usual, but in the much richer tones of Hublot’s own king gold, which is more than normally used in haute watchmaking "Rose" should be red.

This gold micro-spraying process has a very high technical appearance, which fits perfectly with the fast-developing high-tech world of Ferrari.

These details prove the most attractive car/watch partnership at present, and achieve true synergy on a basic level.richard mille rm 27-02 tourbillon rafael nadal

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT
Case: 45 x 13.15 mm, titanium alloy, 3D carbon fiber or
King gold movement: automatic movement Unico HUB1280 movement, 72 hours power reserve, 4 Hz / 28,800 vph frequency, column wheel chronograph
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds; date, flyback chronograph,
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